Sharing God's Facility

Food Pantry


Our Pantry belongs to God and all his children.  Food is distributed every Tuesday from 1-3 pm, Our pantry feeds about 37,000 people a year. If there is enough food, we give each person/family more than they need so they can go out into the community and share with their neighbors as a way of becoming a Disciple of Christ.

Canyon Winds Band


The band is made up of 120 community members from all over the area ranging in age from 19-90! They practice every Thursday, at 6P in our gym. They give 3 free concerts per year. Anyone wanting to join the band is encouraged to participate, even if you can only play a few notes. They will accommodate  your skills in a kind and loving way.

Baseball / Football Referees


We provide space to Colorado High School Activities Association, for their football, softball and baseball officials/umpires a place to hold weekly meetings year round. We meet with them on a regular bases to monitor their issues and concerns about the community at large and work to support their efforts.

Griffith Centers for Children


These are youth (both genders) who are in need of guidance. They help with moving tons of food, each month, for our food pantry. They move some 16 tons annually. They use our gym for PE activities and we also host their graduation ceremonies. Members of the church also host a Christmas Party each year, where they are given presents to thank them for all they do for us.

Trinity UMC Sanctuary


While our Trinity UMC is the oldest Methodist Church in Colorado Springs, our beautiful sanctuary was dedicated in the 1960's.  This picture depicts our Christmas decorations during the Advent Season.

Front Range Community Service


Trinity works with the Front Range Community Services who sends people to us who are working their way through the court system to pay restitution for their crime and to reintegrate them into the community in a positive and productive role. They work side by side with church members in the pantry or other activities to learn what it means to become Disciples.